Stephanie Ledford

Stephanie Ledford is the founder and co-owner of the husband and wife duo of Buffalo Bur's Custom Cycles.  A former collegiate athlete and mother of two, Stephanie found a new passion for the competitive and family friendly sport of cycling.  With a degree in Business Administration and a decade of combined experience in retail management and business ownership, Stephanie wanted to share her passion for cycling with the West Texas community.  Anyone can ride a bike.  Buffalo Bur's hopes to be your choice shop for a bike to get you where you're going.


Jeff Ledford

Jeff Ledford not only a co-owner, he's the original wrench and creator of the custom line of bicycles built by Buffalo Bur's.  Jeff has been riding and wrenching for over a decade, with a particular affinity for mountain biking.  Another former collegiate athlete and father of two, Jeff found cycling to be an activity where the entire family can participate.  With a degree in Business Administration and current ownership of a successful insurance agency, Jeff is excited to use his acquired skills to meet the needs of current and new cyclists in West Texas.

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