Have ya Heard?! New Trail in West Texas!


Our goal is to establish a trail professionally designed and built by an accredited trail building company. This trail will be utilized for mountain biking, all-road cycling, hiking and trail running within the Big Spring State Park for recreational use.

We are very excited to move forward with this project! We believe that outdoor activities like cycling and hiking are fundamental to healthy and happy lifestyles and community. West Texas is limited on outdoor recreation activities and we are confident that this project will improve the Big Spring community as well as neighboring communities and businesses looking to attract and keep talent in the area. Trail building has already been approved by Big Spring State Park and Texas Parks and Wildlife.


Big Spring State Park is a 382 acre park that offers dramatic views off of a 200 ft bluff. Joggers, walkers and cyclist can enjoy scenic views on the paved road that circles the park. The park offers great elevation variances of 160-200 feet which would allow for some great multi-use trail potential.


  • We are projecting approximately 8-10 miles or more of bikeable trail.

  • The trail will be single track where ever possible with a width of 24 inches to 36 inches maximum.

  • We would like help plotting the route in conjunction with the state park representative in an effort to achieve maximum trail flow and increased fun factor.

  • The Terrain will be mostly caliche type rock and will require removal of brush and cedar branches.

  • With 382 Acres contained within one rectangular block. The trail will serpentine around the park, possibly crossing the blacktop main road and the existing hiking trail. We will limit road crossings and trail crossings to a minimum, Right of way will be given to the hiking trail and pavement road crossings.