We guarantee complete service work on bikes purchased at Buffalo Bur's.  That means you only pay for service once.  If you're not completely satisfied, we will continue to diagnose and service your bike for FREE up to 30 days after the original service date, if it's related to our service work.

Buffalo Bur's Honor Program

When you purchase a bike from Buffalo Bur's, you're making an investment with us.  
We thank you for choosing us, and in doing so we offer the benefits of our Honor Program:

If you purchase a new bike from us, two Basic Tune-Ups are included in the first year of ownership for FREE. That's a $150.00 value. Parts not included. We also offer a 10% discount on all service labor on bikes purchased from us for any repair on the bike for as long as you own the bike. If you purchase any part or accessory from us over $100, we will offer you a 15% discount on the installation of that part or accessory.


The Basic  


A lot for a little. Covers the bike from top to bottom with minor adjustments being made to all parts of the bike as needed.

The Deluxe


Covers the bike from top to bottom with a lot more attention to detail, partial disassembly to clean and lube drive train and brake components.   

The Whole Enchilada


A complete overhaul of your bike.  We tear it down to the frame and clean, lube and reassemble the bike.